Smile Design Principles

Smile Design Principles.

During the Smile Design process our goal is to create a smile that matches your personality and is in harmony with your lips and teeth. We do not make ‘Hollywoodsmiles’ which are unsuitable to your facial features. This requires that the dentist works with artistic precision and care.
However, there are some basic principles and guidelines which need to be taken into consideration during the design and implementation procedure.

Below we mention a few:

Horizontal facial harmony.

We find it is best practice if the interpupil line which crosses the pupils is parallel to the incisal plane, that is, they are parallel to the two upper mesial incisors lines. Ideally, these two planes are horizontal.

Vertical facial harmony.

Ideally, the centre line of the face coincides with the line drawn between the two mesial incisors and both lines are vertical.


There is no face which is perfectly symmetrical. Naturally there are no teeth, which would be perfectly symmetrical either. Perfect symmetry is too artificial; however, the harmonic symmetric placement of the teeth is still an important endeavour.

The horizontal harmony of the lips

When smiling, the line drawn along the edges of the incisors, canines and at the cuspids of the premolars should be parallel to the arc of the lower lip. The gums exposed when smiling should be parallel to the upper lip.

The harmony of teeth

The colour, shape, size, surface texture, and location of the teeth affect the creation of a harmonious smile.

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