Your individual Smile

Smile Design can help you achieve the smile which matches your facial features and character.

Smile design – the individual smile

The Smile Design procedure uses a three-dimensional model which will assist us to design, test and then implement the smile which is best suited to your personal character and facial features.

The smile design consultation

The first consultation is an informal conversation where we can assess, discuss and create a plan for your individual requirements.

Computer imaging

Computer imaging with the assistance of the software Smylist Professional enables us to apply the rules of designing and creating the smile which is most suitable to your personality.

The treatment plan

On completion of the Smile Design, we will prepare the treatment plan, and calculate the expected costs.

Smile Design process

  1. Step 1 – Assessment

    First we assess the problem including photographs and radiographs.

  2. Step 2 – computer imaging

    During the Smylist Professional computer imaging we will examine and analyse the character of your face with various types of smile on the screen.

  3. Step – 3 – 3D model

    Based on a three-dimensional model we create a temporary shell and attach it to your teeth. This can be worn for a number of days and can assist you in deciding your requirements, before we make the final changes.

  4. Step 4 – the implementation of the 3D model

    The agreed model is implemented using direct or indirect shells, if necessary with metal free crowns, according to our agreed Smile Design plan.

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