1. Sterilisation

We use disposable products such as headrest covers, tissues, rinsing cups, etc. All of our dental instruments are cleaned both chemically and mechanically prior to being sterilised in an autoclave. Surgical instruments are kept in separate sealed sterile bags.

2. Dental Chairs

Our two surgeries are equipped with the Finnish state of the art, “Planmeca” ergonomic dental chairs and use German “KaVo” hand-pieces.

3. Digital Radiographs

We employ state of the art X-ray equipment to achieve accurate diagnoses.  Our X-ray machines provide very high-resolution images of the scanned area, while causing only minimal exposure to radiation (up to 90% reduced x-ray exposure when compared with normal dental radiological techniques)..

4. Intra-oral Camera

Our clinic is equipped with the Stomathovisiograph (digital intra-oral camera), which assists in providing precise diagnostic information. This instrument is capable of capturing the pre- and post treatment conditions, and allows you to also immediately see the results of your treatment.

5. No-shade Lamp

The no-shade lamp used at our clinic has the quality of an equal colour temperature to sunlight. This ensures that the dentist’s eye does not tire easily and lose the ability to determine colours of teeth correctly.

6. Ozone Therapy

We recognize the value of applying an ozone steriliser in the various areas of dentistry.

For instance, during a restorative procedure such as a tooth filling, the dentist aims to remove the dental tissues in which dental plaque resides. However, it is typically only the softened dentine and enamel that are removed and research shows that disease-causing bacteria can still cause an infection of the harder dentine tissues. These can only be totally removed in this process by applying ozone. Currently, with the help of ozone, we can sterilise a tooth area deep in the cavity a further 2mm in depth beyond the removal of the obvious tooth decay. In addition, ozone significantly speeds up the healing of the oral tissues.

It is of great importance to clean and sterilise the root canals during root canal therapy and in our clinic, the chemical sterilisation is further complemented with ozone.

7. Teeth Whitening

We use the in-chair clinical and home editions of the SDI whitening system. The clinical edition is currently the only technique that performs accelerated whitening in only 8 minutes. Due to this minimal application time, it is gentler on the teeth and significantly reduces pain and tooth sensitivity post treatment.

8. Apex Locator in Root Canal Therapy

This instrument is used by our dentists to calculate the exact length of the root canal by measuring its resistance to tiny electric current differences. A small monitor connected to the device displays the length of root canal during the mapping process without the need for additional radiographs. Using this precise device, the end of a root canal can be discovered with a much higher degree of accuracy, which is crucial for the root canal treatment that follows.

9. Hydrodynamic Root Canal Rinsing Hand Piece

During the root canal treatment of an infected tooth, it is vital that the sterilising liquid flows through the entire length of the curved canal. With the help of RinsEndo, a mechanical hand-piece made by the German company Dürr, we can thoroughly wash and clean the canal to the root’s end up to ten times more effectively than with traditional irrigation techniques.

10. Articulator

During the procedure of creating a dental reconstruction, one of the most challenging tasks for the dentist and technician is the exact reproduction of the position and movements of the jaws to each other. This is only possible with the so called smile-line and jaw relationships using adjustable articulators. By using these methods we ensure our prostheses are not only aesthetically pleasing but attain a very high standard of functional interaction as well.

11. Dental Loopes (Microscope Glasses)

Working inside the mouth is challenging due to difficulties such as visibility and access.  In addition, the relatively small size of teeth further complicates matters. For this reason, our dentists use specially designed telescopic glasses that enable us to see the working area enlarged to a factor of three.

12. Computer Imaging Software

With the help of Smylist Professional software, we can view and assess the effects different smiles would have on a patient’s face.

13. Implant Surgical Micro-motor

During the preparation of implants and other surgical procedures we use a sterile cooling surgical device which contains adjustable speeds and internal torque.

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