The team

Dr. Katalin Bögi

Dr. Bögi Katalin

Katalin graduated from Semmelweis University School of Dentistry, Budapest, in 1993 and in 1995, passed her professional examinations to become a qualified dental and oral surgeon. Since 1996 she has been working at her private clinics in Balf, Sopron and Budapest. Katalin has devoted herself to cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. She has gained extensive experience in the application of direct and indirect Smile Design techniques, composite restorative materials, ceramic veneers and non-metal crowns, which are complemented by facial aesthetic techniques where required. She also teaches the “Smile Design” techniques as a member of the Smylist® team. In addition to aesthetic dentistry, she has extensive experience in the reconstruction of mastication (chewing function) and the treatment of Temporo-mandibular joint problems. She regularly attends accredited domestic and international training seminars and courses to keep her knowledge and expertise in world standard cosmetic and minimally-invasive techniques up to date. She is a member of the Hungarian Aesthetic Dentistry Academy, the German Dentist Association (DGAZ) and the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD). Since 1993, Katalin has been a member of Young Dentists Worldwide (YWD) and was a founding member of the Young Dentists Association Hungary chapter in which she served as president until 1998.

Judit Várkonyi – Dental hygienist

Várkonyi Judit

Judit’s job is important in disease prevention and in raising of your individual dental health awareness. With an organised and systematic approach to dental health, decay can be prevented and gum infections and periodontal diseases can be stabilised and controlled. As a result, the amount of necessary later intervention can be reduced and so can the costs of longer term treatment.

Andrejszki Nikolett– Dental hygienist and dental technician

Andrejszki Nikolett

In addition to her role as a dental hygienist and a dental technician, she is well practiced in constructing the three-dimensional models necessary for Smile Design.

Visiting Specialist Consultants

  • Dr. Stephen Smith
  • Dr. Imre Bögi
  • Galéria

  • Homeopátia