Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry – Dental Science at Its Highest Level

Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond ordinary general dentistry. We are able to reconstruct either the original colour or change it to one which you may want along with the natural anatomic structure of teeth. With exceptional precision in addition we take into account the function of cusp’s and fissures in mastication as well as the creation of appropriate food deflection and tooth firm contact points.

By means of a minimally-invasive procedure we remove only the infected dental tissue. With the help of microscope glasses (the Dental Loope), we perform tooth reconstruction with extraordinary accuracy.

We apply the best quality materials and state of the art technology with the aim of providing you with the highest standard of service in cosmetic dentistry. While this slightly raises the costs involved it provides the peace of mind that you are receiving a highly precise, meticulous, and thorough treatment from the dentist.  To constantly keep improving the quality of our performance, we regularly attend advanced training programmes in addition to reading and reviewing relevant and up-to-date literature and techniques.

Beautiful and Healthy Teeth that Last a Lifetime

Only healthy teeth can be beautiful. In a healthy mouth there is no place for decay and gum disease, there are no untreated, dying or missing teeth and there are well functioning mandibular joints and muscles.

There is a lot we can do to preserve the health and beauty of our teeth just by paying attention to good oral habits and practices. The key things to remember are a healthy diet, using effective brushing and flossing techniques, regular professional check-ups and timely orthodontic treatment.

To get on the right track today, we invite you to take part in our one-time dental hygiene training and become a member of the Teeth Protection Club.

Teeth Whitening

With the passing of time, the lighter enamel on the surface of our teeth wears away and the deeper, more yellow dentin layer becomes more apparent. Smoking and the consumption of certain foods and drinks, for example coffee and red wine, add further to the staining of teeth. Fortunately, teeth whitening procedures are completely safe and a common cosmetic dentistry procedure.  It is now possible to significantly lighten the shade of yellowish or gray teeth and reverse the discolouring effect caused by age, smoking, food, drink and poor oral hygiene.

Aesthetic Restorations and Reconstructions

We perform tooth reconstruction and aesthetic fillings using composite materials that harden and harmonise with the colour of teeth when exposed to powerful light. Our clinic uses the Enamel HFO composite filling material made by Micerium. Because of its equal attributes of light diffraction to teeth, its fluorescence and its layering capability, we can create natural reconstructions on the surface of both front and back teeth.

Our dentists masterfully reconstruct the anatomical structure of teeth, including the cusps and fissure patterns along with the tooth to tooth contact points of the chewing surfaces. We create dental tissues with ozone sterilisation and reconstructions under rubber dam isolation. Our reconstructions are hardened in layers without gaps and therefore there is no residual pain or creation of secondary caries and no loss of colour over time.


Instead of conventional fillings, we can apply inlays and onlays onto teeth that are extensively affected by decay or are broken. We take a precise impression of the cavity and bond an inlay prepared by the technician. This technique requires far less removal of tooth material than a crown. An Inlay can be made of compressed ceramics (IPS-Empress, E-max), composite material (Gradia) or gold alloys.

Direct Veneers

The application of direct composite veneers allows us to correct minor faults in the shape of teeth, reduce gaps between them and even replace missing teeth.  Thanks to veneer layering techniques, no special work needs to be done on the teeth. We can reconstruct worn teeth and cusps and make your smile look young and attractive again. Their main advantage is that it does not require any reduction of the tooth and both shape and colour can be changed in the future. Its disadvantage is that they need to be re-polished regularly to a high gloss sheen; however, this takes only 10 minutes.

Making Your Smile Look Younger

After whitening but without the need for preparation, worn teeth and cusps on all aspects can be replaced using layering techniques. Additionally, this plays an important role in the reconstruction of the chewing function.  Reconstruction of the anterior guidance with canine protection prevents overload of the posterior teeth.

Ceramic Veneers

In order to create your perfect smile, ceramic veneers may be used to cover or mask minor faults in the form or appearance of a tooth. It is less destructive to teeth, since it is only necessary to work on the visible surface of the tooth. Its advantages are twofold: it provides pleasing aesthetic results and doesn’t need re-polishing annually.

Non-metal Porcelain Crowns

These crowns can restore the natural aesthetic appearance of severely damaged teeth. Their biggest advantage over traditional metal fused to porcelain crowns is that they do not discolour the gums associated with the front teeth. Furthermore, they do not cause allergic reactions. They can be made from a variety of porcelains and compressed ceramic material (e.g.: E-max, Procera, IPS-Empress).

Invisible Orthodontic Aligners

Gaps, crowding or misalignment of teeth can be prevented with aligners. The correct placement of teeth can be restored in most cases and can benefit not only children, but adults as well.

The reason for dental misalignment may be due to some muscular dysfunction as a result of bad habits like thumb-sucking, tongue-stretching and others. An untreated dysfunction may even cause incorrect face development or mandibular defects. Therefore, prevention and elimination of these dysfunctions is very important. This may involve taking action at early stages of the tooth and jaw development period. So called myofunctional devices can aid this process.

To give you beautiful straight teeth with the aesthetically pleasing gentle smile curve that you’ve always wanted, we can apply invisible aligner techniques, like the inner curve Incognito or the removable Invisalign or Clearstep.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent fixed solution to replace missing teeth. Titanium implant fixtures are embedded into the mandibular bone in place of missing or failing teeth. After a period of osseo-integration between bone and the implant, we attach an abutment that carries the crown, substituting the tooth. Today implantation is a very safe and commonplace procedure with more than 95% success rates being reported and titanium is rarely linked with any allergic reactions.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

In the event that several teeth are missing or have been damaged due to tooth wear, a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary. We reconstruct the worn surfaces of teeth in line with mandibular movement, with the help of composite restorative materials, inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, implants or bridges as required.

Root Canal Treatment

If tooth decay is so extensive that the dental pulp becomes infected or inflamed, the body’s immune system may not be capable of resolving the problem. Bacteria multiply and kill the dental pulp causing abscesses in the bone and at the tip of the root.  Further infection can spread to other places around the body. Root canal treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp, disinfection of the canal and sealing it with inert material that isolates it from further infection. In our clinic we use apex locators to determine the length of canals, which makes root canal treatment exceptionally safe. We flush out the canal using RinsEndo hydrodynamic hand pieces and disinfect the canal and cavity using ozone. The root fillings are carried out with the lateral condensation technique under rubber dam isolation, which yields the best long lasting results.

Periodontics: for healthy gums

Gum infections (gingivitis and Periodontitis) are caused by bacteria found in dental plaque and tartar and these are found not only above, but also below the gums, where they are hidden from the eye. The bacteria cause infections, which in turn result in the inflammation of the gum and bone supporting tissue, the decay of tooth structure, the visible recession of gums and the falling out of teeth. However, this process can be stopped with regular treatment.

In our clinic we remove the plaque and tartar above and below the gums with ultrasonic scalers, and dedicated fine hand scalers. The restoration of the damaged gums may be completed through periodontal plastic surgery techniques.

Tooth Grinding (bruxism)

Bruxism is the clinical term for tooth grinding. It can happen during the day, but is more common at night, while the person is asleep. Some people don’t grind their teeth but “just” clench them. Grinding in itself is not an illness, but can lead to several problems: the natural biting surface of the teeth wears away, too much pressure may cause damage to the teeth’s supporting structure and teeth themselves may crack or break. The pressure created when grinding can be so strong, that the teeth flex around the neck and the minute enamel prisms are not flexible enough to follow the bend. When this happens, the enamel peals off in a “V” shape in this area. Previously it was assumed that this is due to incorrect brushing techniques. Furthermore, grinding of teeth can lead to migraine headaches and neck or back pain, as the muscles involved in the grinding process are closely linked with those of the head and neck.

To protect teeth from damage caused by teeth grinding, we recommend the use of traditional hard acrylic mouth guards (occlusal splints), a device specially designed for the purpose of helping to change or protect the teeth from this bad habit.

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